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Teach Your Dog to Ring the Bell to Go Outside. Good Doggi
The hanging doorbell dog training is one of the greatest tools for getting your Puppy dog to learn to ‘Go’ outside. He just jingles the bells with his paw each time he has the urge to ‘Go’ out. Training your dog is very easy.
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I start by taking his paw to touch the bell. He will hear that he made the bell jingle. Be sure to give
loving praise to her for touching the bell with her paw.
Next show her you will open the door when she touches the dog doorbells with her paw. Praise her for every achievement. Immediately offer chewy treats and warm hugs in abundance and toys such as the special toys from whatever your Doggi responds to, give her these only when she touches the dog doorbells with her paw. your praise goes a long way.
Dogs remember who treats them kindly, according to feedbacks at where all your pets, dogs and cats, are treated like royalty in our kennels. Finally, when your dog goes to the door and rings the bells, open the door and take her outside. It is simply as easy as teaching her to give you her paw and shake. She naturally wants to please you.
If you are lucky to give a forever home to a rescue give your new Doggi all the training to success in her new home. Life brings many surprises, like the couple in the UK who took in a rescue ready to whelp any day. To their surprise the mother dog, who was a beautiful tan and blond mix gave birth to a litter of six totally black and white puppies the day after going to her new home. Would you ever guess that would be the look of the litter. Not one looked at all like her.
Be ready for the blessing of a well-trained rescue dog or puppy by getting your training doorbell today. Remember to get all your pet supplies from today I also recommend checking out for best buys everyday. Specials. Enjoy Hundreds of Savings on Lots More. EXTRA 35% OFF..


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