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Our Partner Program allows you to earn commissions by working alongside HotDoggi in helping people to experience, embrace, and embody their highest potential.

To help support you, we’ve created pre-written email templates, social media posts and banners ready for you to introduce HotDoggi products and trainings to others.

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3 Easy Steps for Earning

1. Sign Up!

Sign up today to become a HotDoggi Affiliate and you can begin promoting and making sales within minutes.

2. Get The Word Out
Recommend products and trainings via email promotion, your website, blog or social media accounts by giving people your unique affiliate link. We have marketing assets created by our digital agency that can help get you started.

3. Get Paid
Once a prospect is registered in our system with your unique tracking ID, we’ll pay you on any  products which commission is payable on or programs purchased.

Sales Tracking

We use  real-time traffic, sales statistics and commission reporting – 24 hours a day for your convenience. All of your referrals must use your affiliate tracking link in order for sales to be correctly attributed to you.

Getting Paid

Commissions are paid out after the refund period expires.

Affiliate Sign Up:

Choose a tracking code (6 characters). We will assign you a unique affiliate tracking link. At the end of the tracking link there is a 6 character code that you choose that will appear at the end of your affiliate tracking link. For example, if you choose “MYC645” as your tracking code then your affiliate link may look like this:
Commissions can be paid via check or Paypal. If you prefer to be paid via Paypal, please include your Paypal information in the application.
By checking the box below, you agree to our Affiliate Partner Program Terms and Conditions. Please click here to read them in full.
This information is required in order for us to send you commission payouts. Just like our credit card transactions, your information is safe and protected and will be kept confidential.

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