Tug toys playtime dogs playing tugging game

What’s even better than two puppies playing tug with a pulled up weed in the backyard. Of course it is two puppies playing with their tug toys from www.hotdoggi.com.
Chocolate and Noir love to play tug with one another all day long. They love the knot tug toys for this game. What Chocolate plays with Noir wants to share. When they chase a toy both of them carry it retrieving to us to chase after it again.
Puppies require a lot of exercise to develope their growing muscles and bones along with safe toys they can tug and chew on. Remember puppies will chew for about their first two years. That’s a long time in dog years. Imagine a child still sucking on a binky until they’re a teenager. Seems to me an amusing thought. Puppues also require complete nurishment to support their rapid growth. We at www.hotdoggi.com recommend natural non GMO foods with a variety of vitamins. Kerp your puppies healthy and active for a long happy life.

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