Ninety Year Old Momo

Ninety Year Old Momo

Dogs years are estimated at seven times human years, meaning for every year of a dog, it is as old as seven years our. Infact, if you observe dogs, their activities seem to correlate to such human age, that is, a year old dog tends to behave like a seven year old, one of the reasons to train them early before them to develop good habits. Momo is 16 year old and we take it that he is now 112 years old. He act like it.

He seems wise, does not care too much for the frivolities of his younger years. He takes everything in strides and he is so adorable and lovable. The kind of love he now conjures from you is a matured one. The wonderment of it all and the transitional life of anything include ours.

Momo is the pet name derivative of Moses (his real name). He is mini schnauzer, salt ans pepper who had sired many wonderful and beautiful offsprings, the litter which acquirers wait patiently to assure they got one. Momo has warmed many hearts and it is the minimal expectation for the owners to dote on him hands and foot as he is had warmed many hearts.

Momo has some challenges of holding his functions so he is diapered now and he seem to feel comfortable and confident now, since his dignity is related to not messing up the house through his mistaken bodily function accident. he now overlooks the small puppies and show concerns for their well being. it is interesting to watch how he does that. He seems to watch over the people too, since he sensitive as most dogs are, about the emotional level of people around them. you can see watch the video of Momo here

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