START to Share Your Special Moments With Your Pet with Pet Selfie Tools Now!

The effective use of harness, pet selfie tools, dog treats, slow feeder bowls, grooming gloves and car seat protector

Dog Lovers and Dog Owners

Our pets are members of the family and we treat them as such with tenderness care and love. They contribute so much to our well being in and in return, when you are a dog lover and pet owners you want to take many cell phone pictures of your pet. You provide the best products for their development and livelihood. Here is a great pet selfie tool for doing just that.

3pcs Dog Bandana White Dogs Scarf Cotton Grooming Accessories Cats Dogs Bandage Collar for Small Medium Pet Chihuahua
treat your dog to pet selfie tool grooming and comfortable pet beds

We are pets lovers in our house hold and we know it is a fact that our lives will not be complete without our best friends and love taking pet selfies with the pet selfie tool. We have two schnauzers, Chocolate and Noir. Chocolate is  the color too and Noir stands for “black” in French. Noir is black and silver, mostly black if you are familiar with schnauzers.

We find that we must change their dog food as they grow to meet their nutritional needs. We got them when they were puppies and because we are also breeders, we want to make sure that our pedigree schnauzers are in top shape for championship competitions. One of the best dog foods we found is Blue Buffalo. Our bitches like them and very eager to devour their meals. We tried other Blue Wilderness dog food brands too and they like all of them.

Collars and Gentle Leaders

Dog Harness for Chihuahua Pug Small Medium Dogs Nylon Mesh Puppy Cat Harnesses Vest Reflective Walking Lead Leash Petshop
Dog Harness For Large & Small Dogs

Let us share with you our experiences with other items which we found to be beneficial for your dogs’ comfort, health, well being and socialization. Many dog owners struggle when walking their pets, particularly when their pets are pulling them along. You can also notice the tension round the dog’s neck. When it is pulling like that. It is not good for the dog as the dog’s collar hurts their neck vessel and their nerves. It is disheartening for the owner and the onlookers as well. We place all our dogs on gentle leaders and harness.

They are comfortable for the dogs and easy for you to manage and use to control their behavior. This is a win, win, win situation for all concerned. We recommend that you use a dog harness instead of straight collar for walking your dog.

Reversible Dog Bandana Cotton linen Plaid Pet Bandana Scarf  Bow ties Collar Square Cat Samll middle large dog Grooming Products
Fashion Dog Collars

Harnesses are good things for your pets, especially dogs that are well trained and socialized. We will get into that latter below, in this expose.

Some of us must keep our jobs and leave our pet dogs at home. It is nice to make sure that our family member has the food necessary for it is livelihood. You can leave food in the bowl for your dog. Quite a lot of them will eat it all at once, and if you stay away for more than a few hours, your dog may have a hugh hunger appetite. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have some thing which can dispense food on demand for your dog.

Feeder and Water Bowls

Slow feeder bowls help solve this concern, because it keeps the food fresh. The food is not dumped on the floor as many pets tend to do with their food. It dispenses just the right amount per unite time, spacing the feeling to your dog’s satisfaction. Your dog does not have to gorge itself all at once, but comfortably space its feeding till you get back.

Pet Dog Toys Tumbler Leakage Ball Dog Bite Toy Removable Dogs Leakage Dispenser Chewing Products for Medium and Large Dogs
Fun Toy Dispenses Food

Plus, your dog will not have to suffer holding its poop for a long time if it feeds early on and the digestion is ready for elimination over an extended length of time. It is good service to your dog family member to do with the slow feeder bowl.

Pet training.

One the first materials you will need to train your dog is the leash. Get good training leash and make sure that it is the right size and strength for your type of breed. Consider the weight, the strength and how active and aggressive or not, your dog is. It is mostly recommended that you start by calling your dog by name.

We recommend to offer treats as each and every time you evoke the right response to the name calling until the dog knows its name. The treats we recommend for training are the freeze-dried tidbits more than kibbles.  Dogs will show desired behavior for the freeze dried treats.

Apart from stay, sit, down, roll over and leave it, a very important training for your dog is house breaking. He must be potty trained for you to keep a clean and sweet smelling home.  It is one of the most challenging to dos for dog owners and the dog.

Dog Training Bell

Here is a good tool which will help you to achieve great result in potty training and house breaking your dog. It is fun and easy to use to accomplish your goal. It is dog training bell. Yes, you read right. There is a door handle dog bell which hangs on the handle of the door for your dog. Most people hang it on the door to the garage or back yard, or whatever door you take your furry family member through to go outside.

Pet training doorbell dog doorbell rope training dog open door out bell rope
Pet Training Doorbell for Dogs

Teach her to use the front paw to ring the bell, while you say ‘bell’ before you take the dog outside to do her number two’s. Progress to asking the dog to ring the bell. As soon as she rings it, you reward her. You repeat this until the dog knows to ring the dog bell when she wants to go out for number one or two.

If you wonder if it works, just listen to the sound of bells ringing in our home.  For more guidance to training your dog get the book ‘Dirty Little Secrets to Dog Training: GOOD DOG BAD DOG’

START to Share Your Special Moments With Your Pet with Pet Selfie Tools Now!

Pet Selfie Stick for Dogs Cat photography tools Pet Interaction Toys Concentrate Training Supplies Dog Accessories Drop Shipping
Pet Selfie Toll

START to Share Your Special Moments With Your Pet with Pet Selfie Tools Now! If you are like we are and as many pet owners, then you want to take a lot of pictures of your furry companion.  We have just the thing for making it easy for you to take pet selfies.  Who would want to be able to have pictures of you together to share memories with your best friends and family? 

Click Here Pet selfie tools! to see this new trendy pet selfie tool that helps you share your special moments with your pet without feeling like you have to be a professional photographer to take great pictures. They just clip on to your phone and give your pet something to focus on.  Take your selfie and post to your social media right away in a snap!


1 Pc Pet Cleaning Rubber Glove Dog Cat Fur Remover Grooming Magic Deshedding Glove Pet Finger Pet Care Brush Pet Hair Combs
Pet Grooming Gloves
  • Every dog and cat loves to be cuddles and pet.  Why not use this time with her to brush the loose hairs from her coat? Give her the affection she craves all at the same time?  Try the pet grooming gloves.  You will find that there is less loose hair flying around in your home, less piles of hair hiding under the table. Your pet will be comfortable without all that loose hair tangling in her fur. 
  • If you have a breed that does not shed, like our schnauzers, they enjoy the brushing just as much.  It takes daily brushing to keep their coat clean and mat free.
  • Remember these breeds, Schnauzers, Poodles, Tibetan Terrier, (Tibetan terriers are proof that hypoallergenic doesn’t mean no hair) Maltese Terrier and Shiatsu, Brussels Griffon, Portuguese Water Dog, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, and the West Highland White Terrier, need brushing to prevent hair from matting.  Use the brushing gloves to make your experience with your pet memorable and a daily treat for both of you.

Remember your feline furry when you are planning time with your pets.

Hot selling New Black White Funny Pet Cat mice Toy Wireless RC Gray Rat Mice Toy Remote Control mouse Playing toys For kids
Electronic cat mouse toy

Have your tried an electronic cat toy?

We recommend the perfect playtime toy for your cat.  Try a wireless electronic RC Rat Mouse remote control pet funny mouse toy.  Spend countless fun hours having your cat chase this remote mouse.  She will love it and you will love the exercise she gets chasing this toy. 

Travel With Your Dog

To complete the love, you may want to take your dog with you wherever you go.  The safest way to travel with your dog, whether it is a jot to the post office or getting gas or you are visiting friends in another city, is to equip your car with doggi seat belts. Protect your car seat with pet coversSeat covers come in a variety of styles.  Some protectors cover the seat from side to side for larger pets.

While others offer your furry friend a car seat to elevate her, also. These protect her so she can see out of the window comfortably and enjoy the scenery along the trip, as happily as you. 

When traveling remember that your furry friends get thirsty, also, just as you do.  Bring along a doggi water bottle for those thirsty warm days.   You keep your children buckled and you bring snacks and water bottles along with you. Why not also bring these very important and essential items for your furry friend?

At the Days End

you want to snuggle up in your favorite bed with your favorite blanket and pillow.  Your dog and cat want the same.  Chocolate and Noir have more than one bed and in fact, they have three beds!  One in our office, one in the kitchen and one they sleep on.  Find the softest and warmest beds, mats, and blankets for your precious dog and cat.

in summation, your dogs will love you and be devoted to you till the end of time.  We chose mats double layers and soft plush blankets for their sleeping beds.  They have cushioned beds for daytime naps and toy storage.  Yes, they are spoiled, just like your dog is.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  in addition, when your dogs are happy, you are happy too.

Share Your Special Moments With Your Pet with Pet Selfie Tools Now!

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